Our Motivation

We searched for years to find a lake community in Indiana that had the vibe we were seeking for our family. Once we identified it as Heritage Lake, there was one house that definitely spoke to us. And with Lady Liberty keeping that light bright, we have spent nearly the past four years renovating the place to make it right for us. For the longest time, we hadn’t figured out how to really enjoy our time here. We’d load up the kid and the car in Indy, drive an hour to get here, take an hour to unpack the car, grumble about how we had left the place in disarray when we left the weekend prior, and on and on.

But we learned to lock out the stress and manage our routine. And we now call Heritage Lake our full time home. Having been through it, we want to help unburden neighbors in our community who are finding more frustration than fun with their second home.

You can’t cherish memories if you’re not creating them in the first place. So, relax, we got it.


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